Top 10 WWE wrestling behind the scenes secrets revealed

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  1. Has anyone ever notice that when a wrestler throws off another wrestler out the ropes and the wrestler who fall's out is laying on ground and the commentators say well be taking a short break.

  2. If Vince had any balls at all, he'd take hold of the company and do that which every fan wants to see . . . MAKE IT REAL!!! STOP ALL THE CHEATING!!! MAKE SURE IT IS A ONE ON ONE FIGHT, WITH NO INTERRUPTION FROM ANYONE ELSE . . . OR THE FIGHT IS FORFEIT TO A LOSS BY DISQUALIFICATION!!!

    We fans would love to see the real deal here in the WWE! No more cheating . . . have two refs at the ring, one in and one out! Allow for instant replay to insure an accurate win takes place . . . so we can have a REAL CHAMPION like Brock, not some paper champ like Jinder Mahal . . . who only wins when his 2 friends get involved!!!

    Make it real for all parties involved . . . no more 'Entertainment', make it MWWF . . . McMahons World Wrestling Federation ! ! ! I'd bet even the wrestlers would love this idea!!!

  3. I miss the old wwe it was good from at least 2005-2014 then after that it became dumb, and rating fell after 2014, new wrestlers came, no namers, i miss rey mysterio, great khali, edge Batista, undertaker, mvp, Finley/hornswiggle many more, and these new wwe belts are so so stupid, imiss the old spinner belt and the heavyweight title,now we got lots of weird new people and belts are all fucked up now, jus would need the great superstars return again…

  4. To begin with everybody knows it's scripted, that is absolutely no secret. The WWE admitted back in the nineties to the public that it's scripted. Doesn't matter if they're new wrestlers or wrestlers have been there for a while, all of them have to practice all the time. Every match is practiced before the actual event. Some weapons are real, but made out of thinner material than what most think. Folding tables are pre-cut, announce tables are breakaway tables. Chairs, ladders, trash cans and steps, they're all very thin aluminum. They're made to bend and crumble very easily. My uncle owns a small independent promotion called Susquehanna Wrestling Organization, SWO for short, sorry I grew up on the inside of the business. I even been backstage at WWE events, they're no different than what we do. Anyway none of the stuff in the video is secret, the WWE admitted all this back in the 90s. So my guess is the maker of this video is not old enough to know that.

  5. I'll become a wrestler and I'll ingnore the script then i get rich and then I'll buy wwe and make it real and maybe fire the writers and pay the wrestlers the same more if they refuse to make it real I'll fire them


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