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  1. I wasn't alive during the WrestleMania IV WWF title tournament, but I think it shoulda been a round-robin one, with the semifinals being Andre vs. Savage, DiBiase vs. Hogan for the first two main-show matches, and the finals being Savage and DiBiase for the WWF Championship for a long match, longer than 9 minutes, 20-25 minutes should be enough, no interference from Hogan and Andre. They should have had a long match, instead of sticking the whole tournament inside WrestleMania, I mean, this WrestleMania was filled with too many matches, 14 or 16 to say so, that it gave Savage and DiBiase less time to craft a wonderful babyface conqueror story in Savage.

  2. I was actually at the 93 King of the Ring, as Dayton is my birthplace. I had won the tickets through a trivia-based contest WWE was running in the lead up to the event. It was the only time I've ever won something like that and also the only time I attended a wrestling PPV. It's one of my most treasured memories to this day. The only down side was that, from where I was sitting, I wasn't able to see Bret Hart's coronation ceremony at the end.


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