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  1. LMAO!! No Minoru Suzuki in the list???? He is by far the greatest heel of 21st century by a country mile to the extent every other heel that faces him in a wrestling match becomes a babyface. He is the true "Psychopath" and people are truly afraid of him including several tough guy wrestlers and color commentators. He physically abuses women wrestlers, scares and verbally abuses children and he is far more interested in beating up all the wrestlers and giving them a mental scar than he is interested in winning matches. And when he is put in a main event and he wrestles he produces one of the greatest match of all times e.g. vs Tanahashi in King of Pro Wrestling 2012, vs AJ Styles in G1 in 2014. Technically he is one of the greatest in ring of all time.

  2. He's loathed, he's almost legitimately hated but he's also a great heel. That of course is Triple H. Say what you want about the guy but hes damn great at his heel role. Basically the Asshole-in-Chief.

  3. The Christian entry is so under-served. You didn't mention his previous run in WWE in which he was pretty much always a heel, or his time as a heel in TNA from 2006-2008 as "The Instant Classic" Christian Cage.


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