They never won but they stole our hearts.

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  1. Was always fond of watching Jose Luis Rivera (pronounced by THE FINK as "JOse LUEEES…RrreeeeeVERAAA") lose week in and week out to every heel possible… I love baby face jobbers cuz they always acted like they were gonna win or even had a shot for the 60 seconds of offense they'd get, putting their dukes up and challenging the cowering, surprised heel…oh and you forgot Steve lombardi's best WORST gimmick,Abe "knuckleball" SChwarz, where he would dress like a bat boy and paint his face like a friggin baseball

  2. Wait a minute…..NO LANNY POFFO!?! Come on! He was the best of the jobbers in the 1980's!!! He had some great matches with guys like Bob Orton (who was the lowest mid carder at the time if I remember correctly…). I remember being pissed that Lanny never won!


    I come from the era where generic enhancement talent were brought in just to put the stars over, as opposed to main roster talent that constantly job out because they did something wrong at some point.


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