How many have you seen?

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  1. Hold on once you get to number 3 "Wrestling with Shadows" the whole thing changes to include documentaries…so you need to drop 5 thru 10 and replace them with stuff like"Lipstick & Dynamite", "Forever Hardcore", "GLOW: the story of the gorgeous ladies of wrestling", that creepy ass Von Erichs documentary "Heroes of World Class" or "Faded Glory", "Fighting with My Family" and my favorite "Wrestling isn't Wrestling" by Max Landis

  2. As the only wrestling fan in my friend group, people asked if the shit in The Wrestler is true, and they're hearts break in front of me as I explain it. It's amazing how perceptions of the business change when they realize how real it is and what certain people have to go through after their prime. Still one of my favorite films ever and pretty much sums up the hell so many of our former favorites deal with.


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