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  1. I like Raw 2 the most. Only because the career mode was fun as hell. You could start feuds with wrestlers by running promos and attacking them back stage and stuff. You could even play career mode simultaneously with someone else. Too bad it was so damn buggy and glitchy so pretty much everyone else hates it though LOL.

  2. if you like wrestling games you guys need to get Fire Pro Wrestling World for the PC on Steam it is awesome any wrestler you want just look them up on the workshop and download and you can get everyone's themes in the game for real get it

  3. Aright i got a challenge for you:we play wwe2k17 on ps4 i get the powerful supstar you get the in the middle superstar I get to make you bleed and if you quit i will tell 2k to ban you and beat you up and i will no longer watch your video and i will push you off a roof


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