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  1. The title of the video should be "WhatCulture's 10 Favorite Wrestling Matches" because for Shelton Benjamin vs HBK to be picked over John Cena vs HBK is bullshit idc how long their match was, Benjamin put on the better show and gave us the best sell of Sweet Chin Music EVER! I swear sometimes this channel is just as racist as Vince McMahon. And what are the match ratings based off of anyways besides personal preference?! Because RVD vs Rey Mysterio (or Jeff Hardy) for the championship also wasn't on there! Way better than Cena vs CM Punk. Like, seriously, what the FUCK?!

  2. I'm sorry the 123 kid match was impactful but it's not a top 10 match only memorable thing is the underdog win. here's some matches that should & could take its place

    either of the 2 Rey vs Lesnar
    either of the 2 Cena vs Cesaro
    Rey vs Jeff Hardy
    Kane vs Albert the 1 where Kane did a hurricurana
    Shelton vs either Hhh or Hbk
    Rey vs Hbk
    New day vs Usos
    Charlotte vs Sasha any match

    list goes on

  3. I watched a lot of these back in early 2000's and I'd be willing to bet that if you checked the dates on some of those, you might find that they coincide or immediately precede sweeps weeks, which is why they do ppv type stuff on Tv


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