Great tournament but what happens next?

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  1. I loved the UK tournament! The style of wrestling was something I don`t see from America or Japan so often. The pace of the matches were non-stop action and good solid in ring story telling. I would totally like to see more UK wrestling in WWE network. Yet, you`re right about doing it right at the right time. If WWE could bring themselves to do it, maybe a weekly features show of UK wrestlers retained by WWE in matches across different promotions in the UK.

  2. I personally think that they noticed the growth of what culture pro wrestling and this was one of the major reasons they decided to hold this tournament maybe I'm a little what culture biased, but still you can't tell me it didn't Play a factor

  3. What a great time to be a wrestling fan! This wrestling expansion is honestly awesome for all us wrestling fans like Simon's says! I mean, I really do feel like it is an easier time to get to the WWE than it has in the past 20 years when they wouldn't allow just any vanilla midget a chance to shine! SimonMiller316


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