10 “facts” that wrestling fans have to accept without question…

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  1. Okay just to say this about the whole Undertaker thing, I miss that era in wrestling when everyone had crazy gimmicks. I mean the whole thing is pretty bonkers, to begin with why not just embrace it and do some cool stuff with it instead of just having random big muscle dude kick the crap out of another random big muscle dude.

  2. the ladder one always used to bother me as a kid.

    …come on man, theres no one in the ring, just use your legs and climb up the ladder, you're so close, you can do it, no one is there to stop you…..why are you taking so long to climb a damn ladder, its like 10 ft max, you're barely halfway there after 30 seconds…..well fuck man look what happens when you take a full minute to climb a ladder now you've been knocked off and the fight continues…


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