Top 10 Leaked WWE Backstage Rumors for August 2017.

In this top 10 I focus on rumors about Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Vince McMahon, Enzo Amore, Superstar Shake Up, SummerSlam 2017, The Hardys, Rey Mysterio and more.



  1. I would like to Run into and SMASH Karren Jarrett;) What was Her or her Son doing in a Bar? What exactly can Kurt Anhle do? Last time I checked he didnt even know where the Corey Graves storyline was headed. Was she getting an autograph for Jason Jordan? Because he can ask himself I mean he works on the same show!

  2. rey rey is so overrated. and gets hurt so many times. not worth a damn. And wwe needs budget cuts? Get rid of the over paid Brock "juiced up city" Lesnar. As for Enzo, u put a 4ft, vs 7ft. enzo has NO Chance in his current gimmick. But has the fans support still.
    Send bayley and lana to nxt. that could help them both out. I find it Stupid that cena gets thrown to raw. SD barely had a chance to use him. And can we stop with all the stupid Braun vs Roman matches.. basically pointless now. We all know Vince has a boner for Roman but that doesnt mean we have to be faced with it daily.


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