Top 10 moments WWE wrestlers got out of character

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Kayfabe used to be the cardinal rule in wrestling. A piano could drop from the ceiling into the ring but wrestlers were still expected to stay in character. As pro wrestling entered the mainstream though in the 1980s thanks to Vince McMahon, the lines between kayfabe and reality started to blur until those lines were completely obliterated.
How did those lines begin to vanish? Well these ten instances have something to do with it. Relationships behind the scenes, wrestlers shooting in front of millions of people and using each other’s real names, we have it all here.
WWE is currently in what has been dubbed as the “Reality Era.” Instead of shying away from all the potential problems involving the internet and the modern pro wrestling landscape, they seem to be embracing it and running with it. We’re sure that more times of wrestling being real are going to crop over the next few years but for now, here are top 10 times wrestling got real.

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  1. Yes, I can think of one big one. Chris Benwa and The gorilla looking guy. When Mark Henry nearly broke Chris's neck. I heard that there was a dispute before the match started. Not to long after that Chris killed his wife out of rage.


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