Top 10 best wwe wrestling video games of all time

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Ask any pro wrestler and they’ll tell you how hard it is to become a pro wrestler. You have to pay for your schooling, miss out on countless birthdays and special occasions, and put your body through the worst pain imaginable. Most of us don’t want to go through those hardships because we’re lazy, we don’t want to put our bodies through horror and uh… we’re lazy.
Thank God for wrestling video games. These 10 games let us play out any fantasy match-ups we have on our minds, project ourselves into our favourite promotions and play through storylines that seem too insane for even Vince Russo. Amazingly enough lots of these games come from eras with weaker technologies but surpass wrestling games currently on the market. You can’t sub better hardware for better games it seems.
Here are the 10 best wrestling video games of all time.

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  1. WWE2K14 is the best of the post 2010 games. It's bugs make the game fun as shit as much as it's dynamic physics. Like the d-throws that I'm not sure are available in '13, and I'm not sure if they're as funny in last-gen 2k17

  2. Macho man randy savage: "I'm gonna do an elbow drop off that helicopter ooohh yeah
    Me: "what makes you think he won't move?"
    macho man randy savage: "if they can do it in the video game I can do it"

    R.I.P macho man randy savage


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