Top 10 most shocking WWE wrestling pictures ever released

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When you are a superstar in the WWE the cameras are always rolling. Whether you like it or not all of your best and worst moments will be seen by the public and likely will live on forever online. The WWE has had some pretty unflattering moments over the years whether we’re talking about Diva nudity or someone soiling themselves publically. We’re taking a look at some of the worst examples for our list of the 10 Most Controversial WWE Pictures Posted Online. Enjoy the video and be sure to subscribe to our channel for more awesome content every single day!

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  1. gonna borrow a line from katy perry….torrie wilson kissed dawn marie…and she liked it lol…torrie and dawn were supposed to be bitter rivals, but watch the video and look at the photos and you clearly see torrie is not as upset about kissing dawn as you might have expectrd her to be


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