Top 10 WWE Superstars who love drinking alcohol and partying with their fellow wrestlers and fans in real life and out of character.

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Most WWE Wrestlers love to drink beer and go to parties but their some of Superstars who love doing it so much that fans end up catching these wrestlers on camera in some very compromising positions.

In this list I rundown the top 10 WWE wrestlers who you didn’t know love to get drunk and party all night.

WWE Top 10 Playlist:


10 Most Shocking WWE Wrestlers Who Party & Drink in Real Life



  1. I am sure someone else mentioned this, but really: Triple H doesn't drink, never has. That is pretty well known. That is how he was brought into the kliq at first. Designated driver. COME ON MAN….

  2. I don't see the "shocking" part. Just adults having good time with other adults. As long as they don't come drunk on the job and are able to perform when the time comes, there's nothing shocking here.
    As for the undertaker, he's the deadman… a little beer can do no wrong


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