The most shocking wwe injuries and accidents caught live!

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  1. I'm beginning to think this guy doesn't know anything about wrestling. Mick Foley agreed on those chair shots and it's his fault that it went to 11. The agreed upon number was 5. Foley was supposed to be up the ramp at 5 and he took to long to get there. Calling the rock an asshole for ot is pretty dumb. And sid vicious was in wcw at the time. I mean come on it doesn't even look like a wwf ring or set.

  2. How bout a close call? The HIAC match between Foley and Triple H. This time the cage was gimmicked to give way and the ring was gimmicked to soften Foleys landing. BUT…when Foley fell thru in this match, the cage swung open when he hit it, but swung all the way back almost to its original position, the bar from the edge of the cage just missing Foleys face as it swung back. I imagine he would've broke his nose and multiple bones in his face had it hit him…

  3. Eddie Gurerro's blade job at the GAB. Sliced an artery in his forehead while blading. Went into shock backstage. Check it out, cuz the ring canvas after the match looked like someone was murdered. He said he lost so much blood, he felt the effects of it for weeks after.


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