Ten guys who truly don’t get the respect they deserve…

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  1. Regal was MY GUY!! Shocked he's on this list.

    I remember when he did a shoot(but eventually jobbed like he was supposed to) on Goldberg during his streak. Goldberg was so confused. It was excellent.

  2. So Cena is underrated because people don't like him??? Bullshit. Fuck John Cena… I can't not like John Cena without him being underrated… Fuck that. Randy Orton should be where he is. He's waaaay fucking better.

  3. Cena's a punk, he had no mat skills and his gimick was crap, I don't know why the hell he was carried to the top of the line like he was but there was no doubt that he was carried, he didn't make it on his hard work

  4. Cena was never the most technically sound wrestler like a Brett Hart Shawn Michaels or Kurt Angle his bumps looked awkward and his finishing move lets (face it) is a glorified firemans care at best but hands down one of the best story tellers in that ring and by far the best talker the wrestling Business has ever seen even better than my personal favorite (and I can't believe I'm saying this) the Rock

  5. john cena is def underrated by fans. ppl say his pyschology sucks and that he has only 5 moves…… ur retarded. he has a pretty decent move set (though it wouldnt hurt if he added some new moves, and applied his stf better) and has had many classic matches. yall say he cant sell?? wtf whenever john cena takes a bump or gets hit by a move he legit looks like hes in serious pain! dont get me started on his selling of submissons, have u seen him sell the walls of jericho? he looks like he finna die of pain lmaoo. not to mention his mic skills are up there with greats like rock, stone cold and jericho. im not even a cena fan but whenever i watch a match with him in it its usually a pretty entertaining match. yall just hate him cus hes pushed to the moon, atleast thats why i used to not like him anymore. he deserves everything hes earned in this business

  6. Regal is absolutely underrated. He was often given terrible gimmicks to work with, but his level of in-ring knowledge and technical mastery is on par with the best in history.

    However, he never REALLY got a chance to shine in his prime. The best anyone ever gave him was as a great mid-card heel. When he absolutely could've been a main-eventer if they had booked him better. He had the potential to be one of the greatest, big-time heels. But, he was rarely afforded opportunities to compete near the top of the card.

  7. I had the opportunity to see Regal at a small indy show about five years ago. I attempted to heckle him on his way to the ring. He stopped and stared me down. Without saying a word, he conveyed so much disdain and contempt that I was speechless. William Regal is the greatest.

  8. Ok I saw the video and I just have to comment. My top 10 most underrated wrestlers of all time.

    10. Owen Hart. Why not Owen? He deserved all the success the wrestling world had to offer and if it were not for his untimely demise he would have got it.

    9. Shelton Benjamin. WWE just ruined this dude. He had the look, the athleticism and oozed charisma. His matches on RAW against Michaels and Angle particularly are absolute classics.

    8. Christian. I feel happy that when their tag team broke, Edge got a lot of success and he deserves it too. Why not Christian? His heel persona of Captain Charisma and his peeps was gold. Even he should have been a 6 time champ atleast. He did get the title but way too late.

    7. Rick Rude. Totally agree with the video. The best heel of all times. The best promo of all times. Absolute legend. One mistake in the video though, Rick was a 3 time WCW world champ.

    6. Brian Pillman. Agree with the video. Could have been been a huge draw. I feel that Kenny Omega and Dean Ambrose are direct rip offs of Pillman's Loose Cannon persona. His match with Jushin Liger is one of my personal favourites.

    5. Arn Anderson. Agree with the video. Total badass. Great look, amazing promos and the Brain Busters comprising of him and Blanchard were like the original Revival of the 80's and 90's

    4. Lance Storm. Had the look, the amazing arial moves. Entered the business with Jericho. Jericho rightfully made it. Why couldn't he?

    3. Mr. Perfect. Agree with the video. Should have been world champ. He was just well….. Perfect at all times. His match with Bret was an absolute gem.

    2. Cesaro. I don't need to explain this. Has the look, buckets of silent charisma, people love him, I don't know why are we seeing Roman Reigns.

    1. Dean Malenko. He is among my favourite wrestlers of all time. The match with Guerrero at Hostile City Showdown literally brings tears to my eyes man. Was voted the #1 wrestler worldwide in 1997. I don't know where the script went wrong. WCW and WWE just ruined him.

    Oh and honourable mentions………
    Booker T. The absolute best wrestler in WCW. Had the moves, the talk, and that cool swagger. I started seeing him in late 2002 and I wanted to be as cool as Booker T. His matches with Benoit and Bret are unsung gems in WCW history. WWE and Triple H's massive ego downplayed him to a great extent. Triple H was not even worth tying Booker's shoes. Unfortunately people just remember him for that promo where he said the N word. Common Booker T was the most awesome and coolest dude you would ever want to be.

  9. The British Bulldog was such a great technician! He also had enormous power and the look of a superstar. He was the total package but never hold the wwe belt. So sad!

  10. Come on now John Cena is hated on unjustly for sure, but that doesn't really make him underrated.  Other then Brock Lesner there are no other "super stars" in wrestling besides John Cena today, so I guess I just don't see how having a lot of haters makes you underrated? If you said he was underappreciated I would have your back for sure, but your lack of understanding of the word underrated is overwhelming.  The fans who hate on Cena are frustrated with how lackluster the WWE has become.  No one is really booed, no one is really cheered, and lets face it the product just isn't that good anymore.  Fans are just annoyed, and taking it out on the wrong person, but that's also because he is the biggest star of the last several years.  So no not underrated.


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