top 10 pictures of wwe wrestlers, divas and superstars that shouldn’t have been taken

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The machine of the WWE truly runs 24 hours a day and seven days a week. When Superstars are not performing on live television or appearing on the WWE network, they are busy posting on social media, making local media appearances, or recording footage for various reality shows. Even with all of that media, there are some photos that push the limits and take things too far.

Watch and view ten photos that really invaded the privacy of WWE Superstars. These photos include unwanted candids, wrestlers unaware that their photo is even taken, or photos of private moments that were never meant to be shared with the public. As fans pushed the limits, wrestlers like Sasha Banks, The Undertaker, and John Cena were all invaded in their private lives.



  1. these niggas. are celebrities that's what they wanted right to be known for what they do so then deal with it its obvious when u sign with wwe ur gonna get recognized if u don't like it then don't sign with them big ass niggas acting like divas

  2. K the McMhoan family are ingnorant no wonder everyone hates them Vince is a perv, Stephanie literally likes to fire everybody, and Shane…. well Shane is the only normal one he doesn't go around hating on people

  3. Yeah I saw Romian, Dean, Seth, and Cesaro at a Wendy's after a January 2013 show Seth was most didn't want to be who just left a WWE show around him Romian talked to me he was less then two feet away from me answered questions especially me confirmation of his family while Dean wispered more between them he was all good mood visual language joking mood cool with everyone also Cesaro was basicly the eay you see him talk on TV very nice snd respectfull answering questions so on. I was learing who they where since debate then day later I relized why Romian and Dean where acting like someone my age is because they are and I have anxiety problems so I get Seth but he gives cold sholder when it the erong time also Cesaro just a few years older he also seamed like a closes to mybage too

    My godparents grandson is a casual fan and the day of a March 2014 house show with the Wyates vs Shiled fud he saw them at the GYM wotking out together not as samr time like spoting each other , changing weight fot each other, coaching each other , and so on. Many locals catch the wrestler use Gold's GYM we in Laredo, TX only had one location but when the second one open the social media of the new one showed Vince MacMahon picked it gor his work out think that show was a house show forgot mouth and year though.

  4. There was an article on Yahoo several years back where some WWE wrestlers crashed some couple's wedding. The bride was a huge wrestling fan, so she didn't get upset. I want to say it was Roman Reigns, but not 100% sure.


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