Top 10 photos of WWE wrestlers and superstars before the were famous

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Iconic looks are a huge part of pro-wrestling. John Cena’s jean shirts. Hulk Hogan’s bandanna. Roman Reign’s vest. The wardrobe and style of a WWE Superstar often become a part of their persona and brand. This is what makes it so fun to look back and see what WWE Superstars actually looked like before they rose the ladder of success.

From drastic changes in hairstyles to a whole body transformation, we look back at some of WWE’s top stars and reveal their younger looks. You’ll do double-takes when you realize what some of these Superstars actually looked like in the past. See if you can recognize former WWE champions like Batista, John Cena, and Kevin Nash among others. Obviously some credit is due to the WWE creative team as their transformations into what we know were a huge success and a big reason that all of these stars have become household names in the industry.

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  1. basically the dead man is the better one the Undertaker is a better because he has more titles he has has more than anyone he has more he has more money more titles even more titles and even more titles


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