Paige is looking for a way out of her WWE contract that ends in 2019. Obviously over the past year WWE has been trying to get Alberto Del Rio and Paige to break up which lead Del Rio to leave the company which could also lead to Paige to leaving as well. Besides WWE disapproving of their relationship there are many other factors at play in her wanting out of the company so in this video I rundown all of the reasons why she wants to quit.

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10 Reasons Why PAIGE Is Quitting WWE



  1. These are all false, she said she’s not gonna quit, and why is she dating someone 16 years older than her? She can get guys that are a bit younger than him. If she’s into older guys than ok, but I’m just saying, get one that’s under the age of 35 because he’d be too old and she’s still really young, when the have a child, she would be like 35 while her husband is like 54

  2. she is leaving because she is a stupid cunt. name one just one fucking female wrestler that has made it outside the WWE. lmfao let's be real the women are A FUCKING JOKE PERIOD. rest in peace chyna.

  3. Why Paige sucks cause she has no friends in the wrestling biz some come and go. Paige use to be good now she is just a bad person who is in love with a guy who is abuser. Alberto Del Rio sucks. I can't stand Paige that is no wonder is a horrible person in reality her career will go down the drain and then she will end up dead like Whitney Houston or Amy Winehouse. Sorry to say its the truth WWE has horrible talent and main eventers. The only good with the Divas Division altogether is either Becky or Charlotte. Period. Paige's career is already dead. good riddance Paige just go back to England and retire nobody wants to see your ugly ass.

  4. wrestlingnewsnow please stfu Paige hasnt said she's leaving so pls stop running your fucking mouth were are all your Citations and resources she is not quitting.These are all your petty opinions about people are really annoying Ik for a fact that your channel will be going due to the fact that you have so many people hating on your channel


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