Top 10 WWE Injuries that happened to wwe wrestlers

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: The world of pro-wrestling may be scripted, but there is nothing fake about the action and athleticism that takes place in the ring. When high-risk moves are performed, there is always a potential for danger. In some cases, these injuries are more gruesome than expected and may instantly stop a match that is taking place. Whether it’s been in past companies like ECW and WCW, or with current Superstars in the WWE like Brock Lesnar, there have been a fair share of crazy injuries seen live across the globe by wrestling fans.

In this video, we’ll break break down ten of the most gruesome injuries caught on camera. The brutal injuries cover everything from high-flying moves that fall flat to weapon attacks gone wrong. Relive some of these moments and share this video with any of your friends that love to taunt you and say how “fake” wrestling is.

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  1. you missed several injuries
    I have four in my mind
    1)Seth breaks John Cena nose
    2)Batista broke Goldberg's​ leg
    3)tripal h broke Roman reigns
    4)Seth Rollin breaks his leg during his match with sting
    5)Brock lesner injured John Cena forehead
    6)Brock lesner injured Randy ortan
    forehead from his elbow strikes
    7)triple h beat the hell out of Shawn Michaels
    8) Brock lesner broke mark Henry's
    arm with his lock
    9) Brock lesner broke triple h hand twice
    10) Brock lesner broke Shawn Michaels hand to take revenge with triple h


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