10 Shocking Wrestling Moments That Weren’t Scripted… enjoy.
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Fun Fact: In the 16th Century, it was a common belief amongst people that the Mandrake Plant grew only where the ejaculated semen of a dead hanged man touched the ground.

10 Shocking Wrestling Moments That Weren’t Scripted



  1. Another unscripted moment in the Foley Taker hell in the cell is when Taker climbs down from the cell onto the ring after throwing Mick through the cage he breaks his ankle. Watch the match.

  2. if you TRULY believe that "the pipebomb" was unscripted youre an even bigger moron than anyone else on youtube…EVERYTHING that gets said or done on wwe tv is scripted….at ANY GIVEN MOMENT the cameras could have been cut as well as the microphone…youre a fucking idiot if u think that was real

  3. Thats 2 vids you have sone with randt savage getting bitten by the snake. Jake roberts talked about it in a interview and it was all scripted. Please actually do some research before making these vids. Unsubscribe? Yes!

  4. You are incorrect my friend. Mick Foley was in fact supposed to go through the top of the Hell in a Cell. He has said so in interviews and if you watch the video you will see that the section he went through was held by black zip ties while the rest of was held with the regular metal wire. The black zip ties end up right next to him on the mat.


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