Even the pixelated versions of these superstars were undervalued.

10 Biggest WWE Injustices –

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  1. Pretty sure Deuce and Domino were tag champs when SVR08 came out. They were my favourite at the time and I never understood why they were snubbed. Thanks for doing them justice here

  2. Bob Backlund and Marty Janetty are the only two who are at all surprising, and even then they're not really headscratchers.

    I get that this list was just about who didn't make it in but most of them don't fit any of the nostalgia they go for with 'Legends'.

  3. the biggest name to never appear in a wwe game is…. gunner scott lol seriously though does anyone here else remember brent albright's wwe run , he beat booker t in his debut had 1 or 2 matches then disappeared he is on the same level as kizarny in the obscure ranks.

  4. Tito Santana? The Killer Bees? Bob Orton? Pedro Morales? Don Muraco? Superstar Billy Graham? Beverly Brothers? Barry Windham? Tully Blanchard? Steve Dr Death Williams? Terry Gordy? Midnight Express?

  5. You assume that WWE can just cherry pick whatever legends they want and add them into a game, but if that was the case, Owen Hart would have been a legends character in the modern games a long time ago. There's much more to it than just saying, "this is who I want in", that being said, I still wait for the day I can have The Rockers.

  6. I assume Dynamite Kid is a matter of Likeness Rights as Mr Billington is less than complimentary about the industry last I read… Orndorff & Backlund being in the Hall of Fame likely means this is not an issue for them as their HOF Years would have been perfect excuses… so no idea why neither has been in recent games… the limits of the game and only 16? roster slots likely explains why they were not used on NES era games

  7. Kevin Thorn should have been in Smackdown 2008, not Marcus Cor Von. Hell, Matt Striker would have been better replacement.
    And I love Bull Nakano, that would be so cool if she’s in a game one day. I mean if? Joy Giovanni was in a game, anyone should be allowed. And I’m surprised Spirit Squad (at least 3 of them) were never in a game, since they were tag team champions.


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