10 Times WWE Purposefully Lied To Sell A PPV –

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  1. Heavily Implying that Macho Man was only WWF Champion as a replacement for a "retiring" Hogan is a damn insult to Randy Savage. Savage was 10x as talented as Hogan, more charismatic, and amazingly over as a heel or babyface. His feud with Flair in '92 was fantastic

  2. These are all cool examples, but I'd put Charlotte's 1st mania robe, which was "re-constructed" (for lack of a better term) from Ric's final wwe robe, on this list.  After all, how many people actually realized that Sasha & Bayley's tights matched in that tag bout?  At least with the robe, even if you didn't know its constitution, you could see the reference without it being pointed out.

  3. I always anticipated to see Edge's attire because it was so cool and liveries were so vivid… it made him look way cooler than John Cena changing Tshirts every month

  4. sorry but the fact that you added that many womens revolution matches to this list saids to me you'r pandering to the feminist an that you'r basicaly being A mark cause it A match of the year chalked full of instiant classics saids who but that not subjectivtive it objective even though the rating said the oppsoite since wwe had once again begin there down ward decline in viewer ship after having stoped an staying at around four million since about two thousand an six the real end of the attitude era an this happen mostly because of iwc backed ideals like the populization an copying of strong style the bogus womans revolution that most wrestling fans don't care about the rise of nxt an the introduction of A cruiser weight devision with no interesting character that uses A style already in use in the main event of the company any ways again this kind of bias propaganda design tp push this style of wrestling on A audiance that already rejected it is one reason why wrestling in the shitter.

  5. Cm punks randy savage gear was the best "secret meaning attire" ever. Def shouldve been on this list instead of his bret hart attire which i dont truly believe was why he wore it


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