When you hear the name SRM University, the huge green campus, the beautiful lake and the thousands of beautiful people make way into your head inevitably. The life of an SRM student is as beautiful as all these and here are 10 things that all of us cherish about our second home:

1. SRM, Kattankulathur is actually SRM, Potheri 😛

First time visitors to the college generally think that SRM is located in Kattankulathur, but it is not. SRM University is located in Potheri, a place next to Kattankulathur.

2. Photos in front of Tech Park building

Tech Park building
Tech Park building

Almost all SRM’ites must have taken a photo in front of our colourful tech park building, specially since it’s so common in all the Tamil movies!

3. “Can I take the chair?” “Is anyone coming?”

Our every day dialogues to get chairs to sit in our always crowded eat-outs: Java Green and Tech Park. Sigh!

4. Attendance

The only reason we go to class is to make sure our attendance percentage is around 75%. But like always, we all have that one friend who doesn’t give a squat!

5. SRM mess


Though we almost NEVER eat from this place, during all those times when we’re “so broke!” SRM mess is always the saviour!

6. Hostel Wifi

We don’t care about how shitty the Mess Food is or whether the water supply is working in the hostel. If the WiFi is not working, we all go mad!

7. Honest Autorickshaws

50 bucks auto rides to the Potheri station is one of the most beautiful rides one could have! #YOLO!

8. Dr. T.P Ganesan Auditorium

Now and then faculties coming up with a joke: “Everyone should go to the T.P Ganesan Auditorium for a guest lecture, I’ll take attendance in the auditorium” and we are like “yeah right, so happening” and scoot! Which brings us to our next place:

9. Backgate

Our favourite hangout spot which has everything from tea shops to burger joints to biryani places! It is also, undeniably, the pride of SRM.

10. Library

Taking 3 books from the library and not even reading one of them is something each of us have done over and over again.
Wait, that’s not it. We also end up paying fines for not returning the books on time!



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