Top 10 WWE Wrestling fans who got hurt during a WWE match

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Attending a live WWE event can bring a lot of excitement and nothing beats the live atmosphere. When you’re watching Superstars battle it out in the ring, no one expects the action to make its way into the crowd. In the following ten cases, that’s exactly what happened. Flying debris, poor stadium set-ups, and botched pyro incidents can all lead to disasters for WWE fans.

Watch as innocent bystanders get injured at WWE events featuring Superstars like John Cena, Edge, and Brock Lesnar. While a majority of the injuries were only minor, some led to hospitalization and even death for the spectators that witnessed them. A majority of WWE live events are controlled and safe to attend, but in rare cases, these freak accidents occur and untrained spectators become injured in the process. Watch and see these injuries unfold through the years.

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  1. nigga her dying has nothing to do wit wwe nor is it the companies fault that they had an asthmatic fan in the front row n couldnt handle the thick clouds . das her fault n her families fault for being there while knowin that she has probs breathing . Dumb ass Niggas . Ion Even Feel Sad Bout Her Dyin Either

  2. why could the fans not file claims against the wrestlers themselves i.e. when Brock threw both car door and TV monitor in the direction of the fans (I don't understand how the 2nd tv monitor went to other side of the ring and bounced into the crowd?
    The wrestlers themselves should have to be paying compensation in certain incidents
    Could the fans not also file claims against John Cena when he threw Edge into that section?
    when Edge / #AdamCopeland went through the ring how did he not get burned, injured or killed once the flames APPEARED UP


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