How’s your poker face?

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  1. i was on sting/jeff batttle, my father took me to the fight and Jeff was my hero, when i see the match.. my hearth broke in pieces in the exact moment i see jeff walking like a drunk guy to the ring, my only reaccion was total paint and disappointment (Sorry for the grammar error, english isn´t my first language)

  2. Good list, but I kind of thought the match from a couple of years ago when Cena was making the U.S. Title worth something by taking on all contenders, the night he had to drop it he came to the ring looking visibly pissed off, skipped his expected speech and just simply did the 'want some, come get some' line, showed dull surprise at who came out to challenge him, and lay down to drop the belt. Sadly, I can't even remember who he dropped it TO.

  3. I came here to see a list heavy in Shawn Michaels in 96-98, was very surprised to only see he was 20% of it lol. His tantrums against Vader and Mankind for mistiming their spots were great

  4. You guys are the worse in reporting. For this you’re going off what in your opinion visually looked like they didn’t like their match, but I️ don’t think you investigated the truth. Plus wrestling is a work.

  5. Always felt sting hated his mania match. I was hoping he would win and as soon as he walked out I knew he was losing. He had a look on his face like they changed the finish last min. I've seen him walk to the ring a million times and his face said a lot that night.


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