WordPress is one of the most used and most popular content management systems – and even to open source . We looked around and ten helpers in the form of useful wordpress tips listed that simplifies working with the platform for bloggers

WordPress makes writers to publishers

Thanks to WordPress, blogs have spread all over the world. And because the success of this free software is so crucial, not a few well-known German bloggers and writers have celebrated the tenth birthday of WordPress almost like a national holiday. Thus, Falk Hedemann compares the importance of the technology around the platform even with that of book printing. Wibke Ladwig pushes afterwards that WordPress has advanced the democratization of the web and Thilo Specht notes that without WordPress the Social Web simply would not exist.

The reason for these exuberant praise mesons is that free software is incredibly user-friendly. Creating your own blog is very easy. With integrated themes and intuitive plugins, a multi-functional speech tube is delivered to you – and mostly free of charge. WordPress has made it possible for each author to become a publisher of his own and get a stage on the web from which he can express his opinion into the world.

Interesting plugins and tips enhance the WordPress page

We looked around and researched some useful plugins and clever tricks, which can be recommended to the authors for their daily work. From search engine-relevant author-link to performance-optimized plugins.

Tip # 1: Create WordPress Short codes

With short codes many tasks can be carried out in WordPress, which would otherwise have to be worked on code-level. They help save a lot of time and significantly expand the capabilities of admins to get more out of the blog system. The plugin WordPress short codes , which is available free of charge, brings innately ever 20 different short-codes with – including Accordions, Tabs, buttons, lists, and more. Who however with own ideas around the corner comes, can in the integrated short code editor also hand itself.

Tip # 2: Install the Author link

Google wants to focus the authors in the search function more in the focus. The search engine recognizes, under certain conditions, who is the author of the article and displays a picture of the originator in the search result. If you want to see his name there and achieve that this refers to the blog of the author, then you have to the_author_link (); recourse.

Tip # 3: Interstate power protection rights plugin

The recently passed power protection right for press equipment should, in its original form, strengthen publishers and give them the opportunity to demand licensing fees for linked articles, which also work with copied text passages from the piece. The law was mainly directed against Google News and the Google search. But also bloggers can be restricted in their work and in doubt about payments. Although the law is now somewhat softened, however, no one knows exactly what one should actually be linked and what is not.The WordPress plugin against the performance protection right of the association  leads with doubtful links on an intermediary landing page.
The digital team has in this respect a useful plugin designed to protect the bloggers. It also recognizes through its own lists also older links, which lead to the right of the right to the right of protection of the right to performance and navigates the clicking readers to a special intermediate. Here one is only informed about the right to the right of the right to the right of performance and then further advanced to the desired page. The advantage is that the link is no longer distributed from the domain, but from the

Tip # 4: Embed info about apps

Another nice WordPress plugin called WP-AppBox is especially interesting for all bloggers who write about Apps. This extension makes it easy to embed information from various sources, such as Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store, or the Windows Store, through its app. The plug-in also allows you to participate in the affiliate programs from the Mac App Store and AndroidPit after entering the appropriate IDs. Here maybe even Bares.

Tip # 5: Use Shortcuts to save time

Keyboard shortcut save time. The old rabbits among the WordPress users know them of course all and the Newbies can use a little tuition certainly. We show you below the Main and betrayed here are some lesser-known shortcuts . (This guide is for Mac users, for Windows and Linux, please use Ctrl instead of Command):

Format cross-over-lines as h1-h6: Command + 1-6
Insert Link: Alt + Shift + A
Insert picture: Alt + Shift + M
Insert list: Alt + Shift + U
Insert numbered list: Alt + Shift + O
Insert quote: Alt + Shift + Z
Enable spelling check: Alt + Shift + N
More-tag: Alt + Shift + T
Pagination: Alt + Shift + P
To the full view: Alt + Shift + G
To the HTML editor: Alt + Shift + E
Tip # 6 – Make the site safer

How bad is the topic of security in some operators, showed a violent wave of attacks a month ago . So it is wise to take some precautions – be it with plugins like Anti-Malware that WordPress installation scans or for malware and viruses limit login attempts , which can limit the number of login attempts a user. These and many other useful plugins can be found here .

Tip # 7 – Manage multiple blogs at the same time

The Vollprofis among the WordPress users already administrate several blogs side by side. With ManageWP it is possible to bring together all information on WordPress, plugin and theme updates the respective blogs. In addition, the intuitive dashboard provides useful additional features such as regular backups, a Google Analytics integration, and an SEO module. The advantage of this small helper is mainly the time saving.

Tip # 8 – Reduce the load times

There are countless plugins that can be used to reduce load times. Are known among other Hyper Cache and Cachify . The latter optimizes the loading time of the blog page by optionally storing page contents in a static form in the database, on the hard disk or in the memory of the web server. This is used to output page calls without detours, and the number of DB requests and PHP statements is reduced to zero depending on the method selected. This saves even one or the other optimization in the code.

Tip # 9 – SEO Operation

Again, there is a huge mixed goods basket. The SEO plugin of Yoast SEO is especially user-friendly. Website operators support it with nearly all OnPage optimizations. Yoast also provides a comprehensive guide for SEO beginners and paid WordPress plugins for video SEO , Local SEO and News SEO . More free SEO plugins have we prepared for you here .

Tip # 10 – Better mobile blogging

Mobile blogging can be annoying due to unhandlers. A really nice solution provides Blogsy . The application was not least including the blogger Sascha “Gilly” Israel in our magazine articles under the microscope. Blogsy has an extensive formatting option and feels like a real touch app. You can easily insert pictures and videos by finger wiping. Properly “tricky” is the integrated browser, in which you can fix things by the way while you are working in the app. The app is available for 4.49 euros in the Apple App Store – although not quite cheap, but it saves you a lot of time and frustration.


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