Which devs botched it?

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  1. IMO Smackdown vs Raw 2008 was pretty shit. It had a season mode where if you were given 2 choices and picked one the game would act as if you'd picked the other. There's a storyline where Stephanie McMahon falls in love with your character and eventually wants to marry you but Vince and Shane don't approve and attack you before the wedding making Stephanie think you've stood her up causing her to want revenge on you. There's another one where the McMahons are trying to get you to give up the WWE or World Heavyweight titles depending on which brand you're on and you're given the choice whether to give the title up or not but even if you choose not to give it up the game acts like you've chosen to give it up anyway.

  2. it seem no one know,s how to add clothes on top of cloths in wwe2k18 so you can not make the skin tight of the anime characters you like
    10 Worst Wrestling games wwe2k18 is one of it
    no one e-mail me on this cloths question yet

  3. I still fine In your house to be a fun arcade style game. I think most people take issue with it is that it's a not a pure wrestling game but more of an over the top fighting game with WWF characters

  4. I used to be great and awesome in the wwe games that are older than most fans, Like "Shut your mouth", Or "Here comes the pain", I had some Nostalgia tickets and i wanted to use the Nostalgia train, So i got an emulator and played them, Good hells!, It was very hard to control and looked very blocky, Well the graphics are not a problem

  5. I understand being upset with The Simpsons wrestling game, but you're looking at this from one perspective, and that's wrestling, think about it from the other side… The Simpsons, even though their best seasons were behind them, people still watched them (still are). And back in 2001 Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and, wrestling were the hot ticket, so the simpsons' producers thought they could cash in on that. I remember being a young boy and wanted all things Simpsons, I played (and enjoyed) Simpsons skating, I got Simpsons' book, and, Simpsons' monopoly boards and everything Simpsons, I loved Hit & Run (but that was a great game). So you can say it was terrible, but you should know why this was made and put out there. If Tennis ever gets as hot as wrestling was for those couple years I wouldn't be surprised if they made a Simpsons' video game of it… but if they didn't that would more be because The Simpsons aren't the hot ticket like they use to be.


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