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  1. This list is all over the place. What was the criteria of this list ? I’m not just bitching here like I really wanna kno how this list was put together. It seems like a blend of actual bad wrestlers with good wrestlers who were booked badly.

  2. If people saw total divas then they should have known that her second match against Naomi was suppose to be her last but instead people saw something and Lana took advantage to get more matches

  3. Worst problem WWE has is they try to push way too manny guys all the time, part of the blame for that is fans thinking that everyone should be a Main Eventer and that everyone from NXT should be Main Eventing Raw and SDL, wich ends up in guys like Kane, Orton, Ziggler and few others taking tons of pinfalls for guys that aren't ready. Some guys just don't fit in WWE pure and simple and i guess Nakamura is an example of that, his SDL debut was weird AF for anyone who watched on TV for xample and sinc ethen he hasn't been a highlight plus the roster is overstacked. Organized, shorter rosters would work better.

    Also because of this Titles mean literally nothing, it doesn't matter who holds the title if they push 1 new guy every month. People Hate Brock being Universal Champion but then they can't decide who should be Champion, they want Braun, they want Joe, they'd want AJ, they'd want Seth…. but there's not enough time for everyone to be a Good Champion with so much rotation. There's the rush for so manny Top Card talent that the midcard is an undefined mess that sees people go up and down so fast that there's no stability, even inside the women's and tag divisions there's no clear structure of who's top mid or lower card and new entries.

    A shorter roster, split between the 3 shows, SDL, Raw and NXT ( 205 live would stop being it's own thing and jsut be integrated in all 3 shows) would ensure proper organization of the lower, mid and top card in general and various matches of the tiers in each show, plus people would be champions for longer periods of time and it would allow to build better feuds and we'd avoid doing this like going from 0 to Fail Hero like Jinder, he's the least person with guilt in this scenario but he's the one getting the short end of the stick, image means alot and Jinder's image has suffered just like Roman suffered for example. There's no issue with taking 1 year or 2 to build proper character, Stone Cold wasn't always Stone Cold, Triple H wasn't always The Game, Glenn Jacobs wasn't always Kane. Miz wasn't always this Miz we have today. There's no issue with spending 2 or 3 years in NXT either, the cases of success with NXT call ups is low, there have been some huge disaster's like Bayley, Bray Wyatt, The Ascension, Sami Zayn, Eva Marie etc and there's very few successes, Paige, Charlotte, The Shield, Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan may be the biggest success with NXT (intentional or not).

    Most of this is uncontrolable because of sponsorship agreements and all that business stuff and just fan pressure but that's a long, slow road towards diminishing your brand wich is what we've witnessed and people are much more aware of all this today than ever before. Less WWE product would mean more quality product, smaller roster would mean more investement in the people that are in the roster, meaning better characters, better feuds and therefore better in ring chemistry aswell and everytime things get boring you can give someone some time off, promote a mid carder, call an NXT guy/girl and the wheels turning.

  4. Do you know that bad booking, injuries, and crappy writers doesn’t make wrestlers bad? You wanna talk about bad talk about Samoa Joe. All he does is have a match every few weeks and sweat like a hog. Sasha Banks never won a title defense, and John Cena who is the reason why the WWE is TV PG.


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