What’re you gonna do, when Hulkamania refuses to do business with you, brother?!

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  1. Its Funny and know one calls out Vince many older Wrestlers left after he took over WWF, his dad was loved guy many guys Hated Vince because of how to controlling or that he just released guys for no reason in their prime. Beef with Vince kept Macho Man from winning as well his non signing still in his hey day

  2. To be fair. That halloween havoc, on paper, was a fucking stacked card. Not only did you see hogan and warrior, but you also got sting vs hart for the us title, raven vs jericho for the tv title, Meng vs Wrath, Disco inferno vs Juvie Guerrera then Inferno vs Kidman for the cruiserweight title, Steiner vs Steiner, Hall vs Nash, and DDP vs Goldberg for the world title. Like i said ON PAPER that's a stacked show.

  3. As I recall, in Wrestlemania 4, Savage sent Elizabeth back to bring Hogan to the ring, because Andre the Giant kept interfering with the match between Dibiasi and Savage. So Hogan didn't interfere in that one on his own, he was asked to run interference with Andre

  4. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, Hulkamania brought the crowd. The dude brought in money. If you turn the cashcow into a back and forth title holder, he loses his appeal… and they knew it. hence the reason he had so much pull and rarely lost. I remember sitting in my living room as a kid in the 80's with my best bud, screaming at the television when the hulk walked out. He was many kids' hero around that time. Not only that, but you don't just simply beat the guy who has "Real American" as his theme-song. That shit was sacred back then.

  5. Hogan helped kill WCW. He had a good gimmick/image, but he was too limited, skills wise, to really be a great wrestler. His schtick got old really fast, but he kept recycling it. Giving him any creative control was a mistake for WCW.


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