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  1. Regarding Sting and the nWo, both were better off the way it ended up. Hogan made a surprisingly good heel, and seeing how he was the most popular wrestler at that time, with his popularity being a result of his time in WWF, it was almost the perfect storm in terms of WCW giving the WWF the finger. To compliment the story, Sting was the perfect guy to be WCW's saving grace, as he was the face of the WCW for almost a decade prior to the nWo angle.

    Had it been the other way around, the angle would've probably overstayed its welcome within 3-4 months.

  2. According to Wrestlecrap's book "The Death of WCW", they claim that the third man in nWo was supposed to be Bret Hart, but Hart instead re-signed with WWF. Not likely that Sting would have been that into the idea of turning heel for any reason. He ended up joining Kevin Nash's nWo Wolfpac later on anyway.

  3. Savage was using steroids at the time he brought in his girlfriend Stephanie Bellars to WCW. Pretty obviously, if you compare pictures of him before that and afterward. He almost looked as if he'd been over-inflated by a gas station air hose.

  4. Goddamn how much more tragic and awful would the business be if Taker did leave in 2000? Man I can't even imagine missing out on the Taker matches I saw with my own two eyes time and time again. The thought actually saddens me. The Undertaker leaving that early would have been awful.


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