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  1. new jack is not a legend. he is literal human shit. he never did anything notable outside of stabbing somebody in the indies. fuck you for even including him and remotely glorifying this piece of shit

  2. Additional legends to have never wrestled in to the WWE (as an active competitor): Lou Thez, Nick Bockwinkel, Tommy Rich, Kevin Von Erich, Nelson Royal, Abyss, Homicide, Jay Lethal, Jay Briscoe, Michael Elgin, Nick "Magnus" Aldis, Chris Sabin, all were former "non-WWE" World Champions.

    I would like to forget that Sting, Lex Luger, Barry Windham, Vader, Ron Simmons, and Dusty Rhodes had that disaster stints in the WWE and I am sure the WWE wants to forget that the late Chris Benoit was in the WWE.

  3. New Jack was too extreme for wwe sports entertainment would have watered him down look at what it did to Tommy dreamer and taz some wrestlers are not meant to be in wwe look what hapened with dr death steve williams,and terry Gordy 2 cold scorpio and others a lot of these independent wrestlers should stay independent just my opinion

  4. New Jack? A "Legend" ? New Jack is not a wrestler, let alone a legend, he's a thug, a criminal and a murderer. What the fuck is wrong with you? This is the one video of yours I strongly disagree with. Hell, I'm almost offended that god damn violent maniac is even mentioned. You can even look up videos of him stabbing people if you don't believe me.

  5. 'Exotic' Adrian Street. Should have been bought into WWF alongside Randy Savage or just after as a foil for the Macho Man, instead Vince went for a watered down knock off with 'Adorable' Adrian Adonis.

  6. There's one WCW guy who was only just barely in WWE and should have stuck around a lot longer: Buff Bagwell. He would have been perfect for the Ruthless Aggression Era, perhaps even rivaling Mr. Kennedy in the "likable heel" category. I, for one, would have purchased some of "Buff's Stuff!"


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