Top 10 WWE wrestlers who should fight in the UFC

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As much as WWE wants to deny it, the UFC is indeed competition for pro wrestling. The similarities between the two is much more than either side will admit so the speculation of crossover between the two is always discussed.
While it may be tempting to create some complete fantasy match ups like John Cena vs Stipe Miocic in a MMA match, there are actually some pro wrestlers who have competed in martial arts like boxing and amateur wrestling.
Plenty of pro wrestlers have martial arts backgrounds so here are 10 current WWE superstars who could join the UFC. And if you think this is ridiculous remember, CM Punk fought in said company.

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  1. Yes, CM Punk fought in the UFC… and got beat the fuck up with little effort. For Corbin, Golden Gloves is good and all but that don't translate all that well for MMA. It's not even that special in boxing anymore. For Sin Cara. Just because you beat some roidheads in a backstage fist fight doesn't mean you're shit to MMA fighters. I find he's 198 pounds. If Glover or Manuwa get a hold of him, or God forbid Rumble, Gustaffson, Cormier or Jones put their hands on him, it's not even funny. It's murder. Just because you're strong don't mean shit for Cesaro. Lot's of guys are strong. They still get beat the fuck up. And bein athletic aint enough either. I can see Swagger, Corbin, Joe, Gable and Jordan, if they had got into way earlier in their lives. Jordan and Gable are still young, like Corbin, but even then it's probably still too late. It takes years and years.

  2. still don’t know what the hell he’s talking about none of them without training for years can just come into that sport and dominate look what happened to Brock Lesnar for wins three losses two of these for wins he tested positive for steroids so they should’ve been overturned leaving him a record of two and five even him keeping his foreign three record he beat the oldest fighter ever in ufc… randy… also Shane Carwin was stupid old too and on his way out as was heath herring and frank mir hasn’t been the same since he was nearly killed by Brandon Vera


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