The 2018 WWE Superstar Shake Up is only a few months away and some of the possible roster moves already being rumored and speculated. In this top 10 I countdown the rumored WWE trades for 2018.



  1. This list don't seem plausible, with how much they have been building up to Roman's crowning as the top guy attempt #3 It would be dumb to send him to SD afterwards especially since he would be Universal champion

  2. No No No, that cannot happen bruh. Hold anyway Roman Reigns was always in Raw and now he might be moved to smackdown plus he said Roman Regins and Seth Rollins might moved to Smackdown then how about Dean Ambrose. Also, the Hardy boys can’t be separated. There Brothers. This is probably fake.

  3. yes, absolutely fantastic idea! let's move the biggest and most dominant superstar on the Raw roster to Smackdown where he will have no competition whatsoever. fucking brilliant you really have a high IQ there


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