Top 10 WWE Wrestlers who could jump ship to TNA Impact Wrestling in 2017 or in the future.

Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, Jade, Drew Galloway, Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett are gone from Impact Wrestling and now the company has freed up money to sign more talent. WWE has many wrestlers who want out of the company and in some cases have already left. In this WWE and TNA list I countdown the top 10 WWE wrestlers who Impact Wrestling could sign away from WWE in the future.



  1. I met james ellsworth back in 2012. He was wrestling an Indy promotion called Kyda, and he was known as Jimmy Dream. Search up his matches, he has a great sense in the ring and is very talented. Its a shame WWE is wasting him

  2. Brian ROH. Big Show retired. Ellsworth Please No? Eva Marie has as much talent as Carmella or Summer Ray. Swagger should be a World Champion somewhere. Shelton flounderd in ROH I dont think they will put the GFW Title on him either. Goldberg came back to WWE for the Money Period. Rusev should have been in Jhinders spot. Definite World Champion. FOLEY DONE. Alberto FU. Good Bye. Leave Paige Alone.


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