WWE Games One Time Appearances
Superstars That Have Only Featured Once In WWE Games
WWE 2K Superstars That Have Only Appeared One Time

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  1. Just to clear a few things: –

    1. Yes, we broke our own rule and messed up with Kwang, as Savio Vega (Who had the gimmick of Kwang) appeared in WWE 2K16. Kwang has never appeared in another game.
    2. The Mean Street Posse has NOT appeared in another game (No Mercy). There graphics were included in the wrestler selection screen but you could only create them in Create-A-Wrestler Face, Clothes etc but no music or moves. We don't count that as a featured wrestler(s). (Same goes for Maven , who you could create in Wrestlemania X8)
    3. Jazz is the only one who HAS appeared in more than one WWE video game. Specifically, Raw 2, Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth & Here Comes The Pain.

  2. Never say never many of these people may show up in some future WWE 2K release especially if they are inducted into the WWE hall of fame prior to the release of the game.

  3. Before You Do Part 2 make sure you do your research first type the wrestler's in online and look up more games they've been in or just to play the games you should always do your research first because if you don't you're going to annoy someone


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