100 Dead Wrestlers and Cause of Their Death



  1. I don't want to sound mean, but many of these deaths are actually drug-related.

    I think that heart attacks are rare in people under 50, yet there are whole lot of them in wrestling. I believe 90% of these are from drug use or years of drug abuse wrecking their internal organs, thus bringing on the heart attack.

    Many of the older ones (60+) died from things which people that age die from, but with few exceptions, most died from drug related causes or suicide.

    Also, in the cases of Sherri and Miss Elizabeth, I heard that their overdoses were deliberate, so wouldn't that then be classified as "suicide".

  2. 05:35 The only death in the WWE (as it's now called) I'm really saddened by (she died merely a year after the WWF was renamed 'WWE', which was owing to what was found one year after she was born – the original WWF – the 'World Wildlife Fund for Nature', with the panda in the logo) [since that 'WWF' came first, the wrestling franchise are the ones who had to undergo the rename / name change].

    I bet she never saw the G.I. Joe (of the 90s post-movie DiC cartoon) two part episode 'The Greatest Evil', featuring a villain worse even than Cobra – the Headman (that episode warned us viewers how dangerous drugs are, especially if they're taken from anyone other than one's doctor). I bet, if she could turn back the clock, and could meet that Headman, she'd punch him, for selling his 'spark'. I'm aware she couldn't really meet the Headman, but I just mean if she could. Not even Cobra, who are usually G.I. Joe's enemies, would have the courage to take drugs offered to them (yes, even Cobra knows the dangers of drugs). The Headman wanted to wipe out both sides (G.I. Joe and Cobra) with his 'spark'.

  3. heart attacks (prob mostly due to steroids), drugs, suicide, murder, strokes. So many preventable deaths took people way too early. Very very few lucky enough to die of natural causes after a long life. tough sport.

  4. im not watching any of this video. im only here to make this comment. regardless of who died and how they died doesnt matter. lets all let em RIP. AND just be upset that they arent here anymore to entertain us or be with their families.


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