Slat Rock Wrestling Presents ” 12 Famous Wrestling Legends Whose WWE Return Tarnished Their Legacy ”

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12 Famous Wrestling Legends Whose WWE Return Tarnished Their Legacy
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  1. Sable was in no way more attractive than Sunny, Sable never had the impact of Sunny and never was anyone near as popular with the fans than Sunny, Thats why Sunny is a WWE Hall Of Famer and Sable is …………..Brock's Wife.

  2. If you believe Sable is more attractive than Sunny tell me what makes you think that. Is it her leathery skin? Her nasty fake tits? Her manly face? The fact that she looked 20 years older than she was? What makes you think that leather bag is sexier than Sunny?????????

  3. Good video. however, would have been great if instead of saying too liberties with Micheal Cole's manhood. you should have said took liberties with Micheal Cole's butt hole! just sounds better. but very good video!

  4. It's a sad day when I hear that the Dudley Boyz had to job to a bunch of cheese balls. I hated the Dudleyz even when they were in their prime. I hate all of these new guys ten thousand times more. WWE can't generate stars anymore.

  5. Disagree with Sable. Anyone not only concerned with her hotness would look at her return as a fairly decent run.

    For starters she had matches in which she bumped far more than in the past and she didn't seem to be as shitty on the mic (at least as a heel) as she was in the past, and she moved far better ditching that dumb ass awkward pose/dance she used to do.

    Secondly I remember watching a bikini contest between her and Torrie on Smackdown. Based on audience reaction she clearly should have won, but they had Torrie go over in some bullshit fashion because it was planned that way. She might not have been as young anymore, but she still had it.

  6. 2:16

    Look at those two fans to the right; they are like "Boner Alert!!!!"

    Stacy Kiebler was my go-to Diva when I was a big wrestling fan during the Attitude Era/Early 2000's. To this day, I can't believe she was only 18 years old when she debuted as Miss Hancock in WCW. She was so hot that George Clooney, who could get any woman on earth, fell for her…

    George Clooney…Damn you to HELL!!!!

  7. Usual utube BS:
    …….The greatest…..Randy Savage…… – last appearance .. he looked like homeless person.
    Dunno the date … but that was no way for him to go out………………………….


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