How many of these you already knew?

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  1. Definitely down for a part 2. Also seeking a better video network, myself, for videos. I could be a jerk and recommended the one i'm on and get the referral bucks, but i have morality. Keep up the killer work, man!

  2. i know:
    1: this fire burns by killswitch engage the arena where he entered looked like raw titantron but had the smackdown fist in the middle when randy orton entered using the song
    2: it was the year 2011 he eliminated santino marella at the end the same guy that got eliminated in less than a second in 2009 royal rumble
    4: i know it from whatculture
    10: batista beat triple h at wrestlemania 21 and even broke triple h's winning streak in hell in a cell matches at vengeance 2005
    14: in mankind vs undertaker hell in a cell match at king of the ring 1999 mankind was not supposed to fall through the cell but it broke which might have led to mick foley's death
    18: santino marella beat umaga in a no disqualification match for the intercontinental title with the help of bobby lashley on raw in milan where santino was just sitting as a fan and umaga has an open challenge
    19: goldberg has an undefeated streak in wcw
    (sorry if any of them aren't precise i try to not use any search engine and test my knowledge)


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