WWE Games One Time Appearances
Superstars That Have Only Featured Once In WWE Games
WWE 2K Superstars That Have Only Appeared One Time

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  1. You did make a small mistake in this video… The Sandman was also in ECW: Hardcore Revolution (so 3 wrestling games in total, not 2). As you rightfully said he was only in 1 WWE game.

  2. I never understood why Dr. Death gets mentioned when discussing the most legit badass wrestlers. I guess it's cuz he wrestled after getting a mess of stitches in his face from a match earlier in the day. I'm sorry, but that's it? Come on now, in that time almost every wrestler would've done the same. It was an era where most of em didn't feel any pain cuz of the pills, coke, booze, steroids, etc. they had flowing through them & it was an era where u were expected to be tough. They were encouraged to win bar fights & slap around anyone who doubted their legitimacy. They were just crazed monsters back in the day. So wrestling after stitches doesn't put u on the top ten list of toughest wrestlers. Especially after u get knocked around but Bart Gunn. & don't give me that "past his prime" excuse, either. He wasn't that old. His was an exaggerated, opportune legend created mostly cuz Jim Ross had a crush on him. Then good ol' JR fell in love with Stone Cold instead. Maybe he texted Austin late one night thinking it was Dr. Death cuz he had a good buzz on & he called the wrong Steve Williams? Lol. I wonder who JR would've rooted for if Dr. Death did win the Brawl-For-All & went on to that supposed feud with Austin? My god, his head probably would've exploded calling that one.


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