Here are the championship highlights in the worlds most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. I do not own any rights in this video. Made for entertainment purposes only.
125- Nico Megaludis
133- Nashon Garrett
141- Dean Heil
149- Zain Retherford
157- Isaiah Martinez
165- Alex Dieringer
174- Myles Martin
184- Gabe Dean
197- J’den Cox
HWT- Kyle Snyder

Team Race (podium)
1. Penn State
2. Oklahoma State
3. Ohio State
4. Virginia Tech



  1. fuck, I never thought I'd say this, but I miss wrestling, I never realized how much good it did for me, the strength training was ridiculous…I have so much respect for anyone who can make it to this level, if you have ever wrestled in high school, you know what I'm saying. I remember watching the Varsity squad just tear up the other schools like nothing, we had the best team in our region, but I never made it to that level, I got hurt. I'm tired of all this MMA UFC shit, I would rather watch this…no trash talk, no glamour and glitz, just straight up wrestling.

  2. It is a very noble sport. I love MMA too but I have to admit that MMA is quite brutal, where you often try to knock out your opponent. Yes, submission and wrestling is part of MMA too – but the nice thing about wrestling is that it's all about technique, strength and agility, without trying to knock out your opponent. A bit like Judo.

    I think these are the more noble sports within MMA.

  3. awesome! Kyle Snyder moved up to hwt and took on gwidowski, j'den cox back in finals again, dieringer, megaludis, garret, dean and some other popular returners..what an awesome tournament.


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