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  1. Everything in WWE is garbage now – storylines don't make sense, title changes are meaningless, low attendances in arenas, cringeworthy promos – the company is a bucket of cat puke in 2017

  2. Why raw has elimination chamber and backlash and sd has fastlane nobody cares about fastlane cause its wrestlmania season probably at elimimation chamber the main event will be number 1 conteders match for universal title and reigns wins

  3. Who prefers the older PPVs: No Mercy, Unforgiven, Over The Edge, Judgement Day, Armageddon, No Way Out, Backlash, Fully Loaded, Bad Blood, etc like me versus all these Gimmick-Stipulation or lame-titled ones?

  4. They should bring back original pay per view names like No Way Out, Badd Blood, Judgment Day, No Mercy, Vengeance, Unforgiven & Armageddon. I was never a fan of match themed ppv's the only consistent one out of all of them is Money in the Bank.


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