When you watch wrestling on TV, everything looks smooth for the most part. You don’t usually see superstars talking or punches not connecting due to clever camera angles and cuts. Things like these are among many tricks WWE uses to enhance the product. This video will cover 5 behind the scenes secrets WWE wants to keep hidden.


5 Behind The Scenes Secrets WWE Doesn’t Want You to Know

8 Incredible Wrestling Records That May Never Be Broken

10 Words and Phrases Banned by WWE

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  1. Wwe is real fighting and scripted.if wwe is fake how could shanemchman fell down in hell in a cell match during undertaker fight .is thera a rope to hang for himm.explain me how u can say its fake.concentrate urself

  2. i hate the people who are dumb enough to watch this and think that it isn't scripted and coreographed, but the ones that i think are just as dumb are the people who watch it because they think that its "Entertaining".

  3. Jesus fucking Christ, the kids in this comment section are ridiculous. Like seriously, I understood everything the dude in the video said. The way people in this comment section act you'd think the dude was speaking Swahili.


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