Brock Lesnar currently has no opponent for him to face at the 2018 WWE Royal Rumble but over the past few days new rumors suggest that WWE does have plans for Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble and in some cases the opponent WWE has set to face Brock Lesnar could surprise many fans. In this top 5 I countdown the wrestlers rumored to face Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble 2018.



  1. I would love to see roman reigns vs brock lesnar for the universal title at royal rumble. But I would like to see it as either these four dream match 1.a extrem rule 2.i quit match, 3. steel cage match, 4 . and a last man standing match. believe in the shield.

  2. I’d have a triple threat with Ambrose and Rollins, with Reigns in the RR. Due to the fact that it would be a no dq match, Dean and Seth could use chairs, ladders and tables to put him out, and then fight each other until brock comes back, similar to the Cena-Rollins-Lesnar match. Brock pins Rollins when Ambrose is trying to get another weapon, and we can see he is really frustrated afterwards, but no turn yet. Brock retains.

    Later in the Royal Rumble match, Seth amd Dean come out as numbers 25-30, while Reigns is already 30 minutes+ in the match. They are the final three, and start to brawl. When it looks like Ambrose could eliminate Reigns, Rollins suprises him and throws him outside. Angry Ambrose gets back into the ring and eliminates Rollins, then gets a chair and beats the ever living shit out of both of them, turning heel. Next night on Raw we are informed that Seth and Roman are not on the show because they are both in a bad condition, while Ambrose explaines that he reunited with Rollins because he wanted to win the Tag Team titles, but he a) couldn’t get himself to trust him fully, and b) realised Seth wouldn’t help him in any way after their loses against the Bar, Brock and in the RR match.

    This way WWE gets Brock vs Reigns, the fans get heel Ambrose vs Rollins, and in the summer, Reigns vs Ambrose, because Dean says that if it wasn’t for rollins, he would either have beaten brock or won the RR, so he wants the title from Roman.


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