We hear so many stories in the world of pro wrestling of superstars having relationships with one another. However, not every couple is a dream match in the eyes of the WWE. Here are 5 couples WWE tried breaking up!

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  1. how do you go from "at the time mickie was DATING kenny Dykstra…. how begun being suspicious that his WIFE might be hustling so in less the one sentence they got from dating to being married(they where never married not even engaged).
    Did not knew Del Rio was together with Flair before she was married one two years ago Kemmeth Cameron(nxt) Bram (TNA) before they divorced

  2. WWE does have a point in trying to prohibit these relationships. It's a bunch of superficial people sleeping left and right creating havoc and resentment.

    It's a career , not a swinger's club.


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