Some people are unsure what to think of the WWE Hall of Fame. To those that are inducted, it can be the stamp of approval for all of their time spent in the squared circle, but not everyone feels this way, which is great because some of those might never get inducted. My name is John, and these are 5 Wrestlers WWE Will Never Induct into the Hall of Fame.

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  1. I cannot believe people are basically saying he was a good wrestler so who cares if he killed his child who he was shooting up with steroids because he thought he was not growing fast enough. lots of people suffer concussions and multiple ones and do not kill anyone.

  2. Beloit why was a child killer and s coward and it makes me sick that people think he should be given a pass because he was a good actor in a male soap opera. get over it? tell that to his other children. he was a piece of shit

  3. Zeus only had one match in wresling why would he desereve to go to the hall of fame this list is crap…the only 2 deserving of being there might be Benoint and for sure the Honkey TOnk Man but Benoit probably wont go there becasue of what he did id say thats accurate and if Honky Tonk Man doesnt really care then maybe he wont but by choice…other than that the rest on this list dont deserve to be there.


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