If #RusevDay consists of Rusev getting undervalued and underused then I guess that’s why it’s Rusev Day every day…

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5 WWE Wrestlers Who Are Unhappy With Their Position In The Company



  1. You guys are doing great job i dont care if u upload once on week you put hard work in what you do and thats what i love in your videos stay doing great job <3

  2. Becky lynch?
    At women division needs a shake up.they have at smackdown lynch,charlotte and naomi.the others are on the same level and don't deserve the championship.
    And raw?bliss,asuka,jax,banks,paige,bayley.

  3. I feel kind of bad for Cesaro, but he's been doing decently in his tag team run with Sheamus. They even retained against The Shield this past Monday.

    As for Sami Zayn, I don't really care for him because of how he is in real life. He's kind of a pretentious, ignorant dickhead. I love Kevin Owens, though (not so much right now because he isn't he's typical funny self, but I still think he's great).
    Either Sami can ask for his release and go back to the indies or he has to come up with some super-entertaining gimmick to get him over. I think I know what the reports mean with him being "vocal" about stuff he dislikes.


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