7 things you should give your partner compliments more often

7 things you should give your partner compliments more often

7 things you should give your partner compliments more often

7 things you should give your partner compliments more often

Feeling seen and appreciated is like a vaccine against fuss and irritation in a relationship. If you are generous with compliments, the chance of your partner boosting you also increases, which gets you to be more positively tuned even when it doesn’t really get as you intended.

Try working after the 5: 1 system – that is, giving five positive reinforcements or compliments for every negative thing you point out. But make sure you choose genuine and personal compliments. Here are seven things you should praise your partner for – often:

1. The little things your partner does for you every day

Many people are envious of others’ pompous flower bouquets, expensive jewelry or romantic hotel nights. Do you have a partner who does not really hack your waves about such love guests, but always refuel the car before you have it, let you take the best food box or scoop snow for you to avoid? Don’t forget to appreciate your partner – not everyone does that! Often you do not know how important the small things are until they disappear. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

2. Their values

Everyone wants to be appreciated for their good sides, so praise your partner’s strong traits – that they are generous, work hard or are optimists.

3. Their passion

Support your partner’s dreams, even though they may not be 100% engaged with yours. Peppa, push and boost your partner to develop what they are passionate about. Having your own hobbies and feeling that you can bloom in them is important for your future relationship and happiness.

4. Their appearance

Tell your partner what you really like about their appearance. It is especially important to hear when you have been together for a few years (age takes its right faster than you imagine…) Does your partner have nice hands, sexy butt or beautiful lips? Tell it! Vary you and don’t forget the little details.

5. Their judgment

That you respect and trust your partner can feel obvious. But unfortunately it is not so in all circumstances, so you have a harmonious and considerate relationship, take advantage of it. Talking about small and large and listening in to each other for decisions for you closer. Make sure your partner knows how valuable their advice is.

6. Things that they are unsure of

Help your partner build their self-esteem by praising and enhancing their performance in things you know are hard for them.

7. How they make you feel

A common thought curve is that one thinks that one’s partner still knows what one knows about them. But, of course, are you happy to hear that you light someone else’s day? Especially from someone you like. Often tell your partner that they will make you happy – the world’s simplest vitamin boost for the relationship!

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