If you value your life, DON’T say it’s fake.

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  1. People got to know the actions and beatings is real…with techniques precisely created for entertainment wrestling…the part which is acting is the storyline or the reason for them to fight each other…the winners are already agreed on before each match…its a show..two guys fighting in a wrestling match is focused on the show how they wrestke each other…winning or losing it doesnt matter…wat matter is how the two wrestlers fight each other….

  2. I trained to become a pro wrestler and today I rarely put on shows but I have to say that wrestling is not easy and you will get hurt you must have balls. Imagine a man 6 ft 7 German suplexing you! (which is the move I hate to have done on me the most)

  3. There was an episode of Louis Theroux's weird weekends where he goes to the WCW Power Plant & asked the trainer there isnt wrestling fake? The trainer along with the trainees around him really ripped into him & made him wish he never said it

  4. you know that CM Punk is a F'N great overall wrestler but he loves to brag about being "Straight-Edge!" but is drinking massive a mounts of CAFFEINE weaither it be through the coffee he's talked about drinking in this very video or His Many daily trips to Starbucks with his lovely wife "AJ-Lee"!!…or perhaps his dying love for Soda hence the giant "Pepsi" logo tattooed on his upper arm in plain view! but anyways folks here's my main point is "CAFFEINE" IS! a 100% Technically A "DRUG"! okay maybe not nearly as bad as other drugs especially illegal one's but it is scientifically proven to be a quote on quote "DRUG" & it has it's own stigmas & bad side-effect's attached to it i am not going to go into big detail about them but one or two for example "CAFFEINE" cause's "Insomnia" "Sleep Loss' "Elevated Heart Rate" "Major Energy Crashing Feeling When It Wear's Off Which Sometimes Can Lead To Crankiness” sometimes it can rarely cause you Bad Feeling Anxious Unwanted Spurts Of Energy That Could Even Lead To Anxiety! Also the most common known symptom increased energy almost like a very very supper mild almost Speed like rush! but anyways i am just Here to be the "Dick" i guess & just tell everyone that "CM-Punk" technically isn't Quite on Quote "STRAIGHT-EDGE" as much as he thinks he is so if you're not down for that i got two words for ya' Suck-it!!


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