Ever since the second wrestling game was made, people have been arguing over which is the best wrestling game of all time. But why trust the worthless opinions of people who have never suplexed anyone in their life? Instead, here are the 8 Best Wrestling Games According to Actual WWE Wrestlers. Subscribe!

We chatted to wrestlers including Seth Rollins, AJ Styles and The New Day about their favourite grappling games of all time. As expected, AKI games like Wrestlemania 2000 and No Mercy feature heavily, but there are also more leftfield choices in there. These guys are massive nerds, just like us. Not that we’d ever tell them to their faces.

They are also all appropriately excited about WWE 2K18, which improves on the graphics engine, adds a ton of incidental animations and a new carry mode that allows you to drag your opponent around the ring.

WWE 2K18 comes out on release date 17 October 2017 on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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  1. The major thing that I took away from this video? That pro wrestlers are more eloquent and articulate than most celebrities. I wish wrestling was more like this, then fighting. Like watching Downtown Abby punctuated with body slams.

  2. Kind of a funny observation watching this video. I love how Wrestlers listen. They are picture perfect examples of active listening. Even that poor woman who could probably not give a shit about video games.

    Also, I've gone through 3 pairs of panties listening to AJ talk.

  3. I am kind of curious about the new wrestling game that the Undertaker and a bunch of other wrestlers were doing motion capture for a few months ago. All I know is that they said it was for a new game and not 2k18. I wonder if Vince is going with two gaming companies instead of just one now.

  4. Where's Day of Reckoning? People never seem to include those, they are by far the most fun wrestling games since you had more mobility and all, even interumpting finishers with running chair shots!

  5. Haven't touched an Xbox since 360 days but love this channel. Should change the name get more views cause it's great content. Funny story couch this channel after being A loyal veiewer of inside Xbox on the 360 dashboard back in the day


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